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My only other Fan fic I've written so far. Its based on Sharpe's especially The relationship between Richard and Maggie Joyce in the novel Sharpe's Regiment. If you haven't read any of the Cornwell novels I highly recommend them. This was originally posted on TMB as part of a fan fic challenge which I believe I actually won something. ~Sylvene

**BTW this story contains a graphic description of Het and some bad language**

Sharpes Lover
The alley was deathly silent. More so than normal in this infested gutter known as the rookery. Dick stood shaking. Sweat pouring down his forehead. His hand returning to the silver coins in his pocket, to make certain they didn't fall through a hole. He had lost a boot, the sole of the remainder barely held on with crooked nails. He lost it in his first break in, and the trembling young man, his face sallow with hunger and streaked with grime, could feel his blood racing. An excitement he had never knew he could enjoy.

It wasn't a mansion, but the two story house was bigger than any he'd seen before. In the darkness of a moonless night, young Dick Sharpe had managed to pry open a window on his own and wriggle inside. The owner, a tradesman, had stupidly left his coat hanging by the front door, so Dick had snatched the over sized wool garment for himself, only to find several coins in the pocket. Then all hell broke loose. A low rumble came from the fireplace, where a large, mangy dog rose and began bearing its teeth at him in a growl. Not seconds later an enormous man erupted from another room and Dick, frozen in fear, was grabbed by the shoulder and struck hard in the belly.

His instincts began to kick in and Dick slipped from the coat and bolted for the open window. He dove through head first, the coins still fast in his tiny fist as he felt a sudden jerk as his foot was grabbed and his boot slipped off. Then he was tumbling outside and in the street. He didn't even take the time to register had made it out of the house before he was sprinting down the road.

Now back in the rookery, Dick Sharpe was grinning in a desolate alleyway. His dark hair hanging lank in his handsome face. Realizing he had gotten away with it. Ideas ran through his mind as to what he was going to do next.

"Got a penny?" He heard a sweet, feminine voice come from the darkness.

Dick turned suddenly a look of terror on his face as he spotted where the voice had come from. She was tall, almost a head taller then he, with long, brilliant hair and filthy skirts were lifted to reveal shapely, pale white legs.

"Leave off!" He shouted at her, folding the inside of his pocket of his trousers so the precious coins could not escape.

A single tear ran down her cherub like face. Her full lips pouted and suddenly Dick felt badly for her. She was only doing what he was. Trying to survive. He smiled at the lovely girl who's blouse hung low to show her small cleavage and held up a single copper penny.

"Alright, but after." He said nervously.

He had gotten away with one evil sin this night, why not another. He knew what she wanted the penny for and what he had to do to give it to her. The smile erupted across her face, making her even more beautiful. She raised a finger and urged him to follow her into the darkest corner. She leaned her back against the gritty brick wall and lifted her skirt to reveal herself to him. Only the light from an distant window barely glowing showed him where she hid in the darkness. Her pubic hair had only just began to grow in, giving her a soft, downy appearance. Dick could feel his growing erection. The front of his skin pulling tight and becoming uncomfortable in his pants. He wanted desperately to tell this lovely creature he had never done this before, but he knew she would laugh at him, or more than likely just rob him and leaving him alone and bruised in the alley. He tugged his trousers down and released it, laying his hard penis against her soft, velvety belly. He pulled back her head by her long, silky red hair and moved in to kiss her neck.

She did not laugh. She pulled her face away from his and looked tenderly into his eyes. Her hand went to his throbbing cock, causing a thrill to race through him.

"Like this, sweetheart." She whispered.

Her left leg went up slightly and she pulled him towards her, making him off balance, he reached up to brace himself against the wall. Then he understood. It was wet, soft, warm and embracing and it made his head reel with ecstasy. He was inside her and with the instinct of millions of years he grasped her hips and began pushing and pulling her with his whole body. Holding her tightly, he began thrusting as if his last breath of life was at stake. She was moaning in his ear. Holding onto his thin shirt and tearing her long finger nails into the skin of his back.

His mind was swimming with everything that had happened that night and everything he had lived through. He could feel his knees shaking as they clutched at each other. The ultimate struggle. He could feel every muscle tightening as her leg wrapped around him to hold him to her. Her moans were becoming screams in his ear as his voice began adding to hers like music. Her squeals of pleasure and his grunts of desire. He understood now why so many escaped into each other in this way. A few moments of joy buried deep inside a woman. The feeling only intensified, making him wonder how much he could handle. His feet slipped in the grime on the ground as they scrabbled for hold on each other. He felt a sudden rush as his mind exploded with his release. A gush of hot liquid poured from him, into her and drizzled onto the ground to add to the filth. She was panting heavily. Still clutching him to her, his head now resting on her breast. Dick could barely stand, yet felt full of life. A new energy surged through his veins.

Without warning a voice broke the desperate silence, "Maggie!" A harsh voice called up the alley.

Quickly the girl pushed down her dress and moved away a look of fear in her eyes.

"Wait." Dick, still holding his drooping trousers, smiled at her with rebellious joy. "Your penny. Th-Thank you." He stuttered, not sure what to say to make the beautiful red headed Maggie to stay. In his hand he held out not only a penny but one of the precious silver coins he had earned. He loved this girl. This whore who didn't laugh as he fumbled over her, that he had pushed so much energy and lust into.

She looked at him, her face a mixture of fear and regret. "I'm Dick." He introduced himself to her. He didn't want her to run away, he wanted to hold her, smell her luscious hair and kiss her entire body. Maggie smiled and moved towards him, hiding in the dim shadows.

"Keep it, Dick. You see that window with one shutter?" She pointed behind him. He nodded as she continued. "That's my place. Come back and see me again."

"I will," Dick whispered. Then he leaned forward and planted an awkward kiss upon her full, soft lips. He pressed the penny into her hand, forcing her to accept it. Then without a word, she turned and ran down the alley towards the menacing voice. As he stood, waiting for her footsteps to fade he heard a heavy thump, as if someone had been slapped hard.

"Dammit Maggie Joyce, ya ain't saposed ta come off wit da customers! Ya filthy whore." The voice shouted and then the sound of feet shuffling away back into the deathly silence.

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