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Best Mates Easy Money
Sharpe's Comrade A Devil and A Gentleman
Between Friends Lesson Learnt
Some Arrangement! William Lawford's Journal
Lawford Harper's Hands
Intoxication Costume

Many of these fictions were reposted here from the Sharpetorium website. It was done with the honest intent of preserving these jewels of prose for posterity when the pages at the Sharpetorium were no longer straightforward accessible and the site had not been updated since 2003. A bit of digging and rooting about finally allowed them to be salvaged. A search was made to discover contacts for the authors with little success. The author notes are therefore included with the stories and the copyrights are the property of the authors, as they rightfully should be. Some of these fictions were received from private individuals who had saved them from the Sharpetorium simply because they liked them. They were subsequently submitted for inclusion here on Sharpe Tales.

Should anyone know any of these authors or if they are the authors, please contact us here at Sharpe Tales. We certainly don't want to keep them posted here if any of the authors object. Alternatively, we want to ensure proper crediting should they not object to them residing here in the Sharpe Tales Fan Fiction Library.