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After the first few episodes of Sharpe, I had formed this image of a strong and experienced Teresa. A woman who knew what she wanted. Had lovers, but because of what had happened to her, had shut herself away, needing Richard Sharpe to break through and bring that woman back out. At that point, the only women Sharpe had experience of were whores, and he is pretty much fascinated with her. As Blas Vivar said to him, "You've never met a woman like her, have you?"

So that was the inspiration of this piece of Erotic Fan Fiction - Teresa's Enjoyment. ~Sylvene

Teresa's Pleasure
Teresa smiled at her captive. She was going to enjoy this. Dressed in her customary trousers, shirt, waistcoat and coat, she sat comfortably sprawled in the arm chair, a leg dangling over an arm. She held a goblet of wine in one hand and her cocked pistol in the other.

She smiled when she realized she had spoken aloud.

"You think so, eh?" The tall handsome rifleman asked.

"I know so."

She took a sip of her wine.

"Now" she waved her pistol negligently.

"Remove your belts and place your sword on the table."

"You're not afraid I will use it on you?"

"Amigo a bullet travels faster than a sword. No matter how quick the swordsman."

She watched as the items were removed.

"Now the sash. No throw it over."

She caught it with ease. Twirled it around with her pistol.

He stood in front of her, his hands on his hips, challenge in his eyes.

She smiled. A small smile.

"How many buttons are there on your jacket?"

He looked down. Started counting.

"Just the ones that work."


"Real silver?"

He laughed.


Standing, she set her goblet down.

"You are not very submissive, for a captive."

She set her pistol down. He lunged for it and met her sword at his throat, barely prevented skewering himself on it.

She pressed the tip against his throat and he backed up from the table.

"Raise your hands!" She barked the order, her eyes glinting.

Uncertain now, he obeyed. She rounded the table, continued threatening him with her fine sword. Toledo steel, he was sure, much lighter but no less deadly. He hit the wall. She trailed the tip of the sword downward and flicked it at a button.

The button flew off and hit the stone floor with a soft "ping!"



She had flicked off another button.

"Here now"

His protests dried up as the sword moved to his throat again. She tried to intimidate him as a man would, by pressing her face close to his, a feral smile on her face. All he could think of was how close her lips were to his and how tall she was. She moved back away and he hoped she would not notice the state of his body. He flinched as several buttons followed its mates but he made no protest.

Teresa stood back and smiled. She'd always wanted to do that. The upper buttons were spaced further apart than the lower, the gapping jacket now revealed the linen shirt beneath and the black silk stock he wore at his neck.

"You may remove your neck cloth."

He obeyed.

"Now the jacket."

He unbuttoned the rest of the silver buttons and stripped off the jacket, stepping away from the wall to drape it carefully on the back of a chair. She had picked up the pistol again. Eschewing the sword she seated herself.

"Sit down." She invited.

He obeyed.

"Remove your boots."

"A little help?"

She scoffed.

One boot hit the floor. The other.

"You may stand."

She waited until he did.

"Turn around."

He obliged. Turning a full circle.

"The shirt, I think."


"It needs to go."

He removed the suspenders that held up his trousers and stripped the shirt off. She considered him and brought the barrel of her pistol up to her face. Stroked them across her parted lips, and then trailed long fingers down its length. He licked suddenly dry lips.

"Make me a muscle."

He grinned and obeyed, flexing for her, showing off his body.

"The other way now. And turn."

Once again, he obeyed. Turning a complete circle. When he faced her again she had her sword in her hand. Lifting his black silk stock, she threw it at him with the point of her blade. He caught it.

"Tie that around your eyes."

Disconcerted, he stared at her a moment. She lifted the pistol with her other hand and aimed it at him. He looked at the silk in his hands a moment before he obeyed. Folding it so it did not fall over his nose together with the black of the silk meant he was now blind.

He realized his hands were trembling. Tried to still them. Felt the touch of cold steel in the small triangle at the base of his throat. Stumbled backward. Struck the wall.

"Keep your hands up, Sharpe."

He obeyed, pressing the back of his hands against the cold stone of the wall. His breath was coming almost in gasps now. He felt the cold steel of her sword slide down his chest, over his belly and come to rest on top of his aroused member. A shudder of pleasure shook him.

He felt the pressure leave then started as a button on his trousers gave way suddenly.

"Jesus." He was unable to prevent the curse leaving his lips.

"Have a care, Teresa." He pleaded.


Another button gave way as Teresa sliced it off with the point of her sword. The suspense was interminable as another button was removed in the same manner.

"Give me your hands."

The sudden command almost startled him.


"Do it."

He drew his hands down and held them in front of him.

"Cross your wrists."

"Jesus, Teresa"

He was almost panting. Cold steel rested on his throat again. He swallowed. Then slowly, he crossed his wrists. Unable to still the shudder as he felt the smoothness of silk wrapped around his wrists. Long cords. Tassels. She had tied him with his own sash. The mark of his rank.

"Raise your hands above your head."

He tried to remember what was up there behind him. A shelf? Sconces? The long cords on his sash must have been used. She jerked his bonds tight. He tugged. It held secure.

Blind, his other senses magnified. He could hear the rustle of her clothes as she moved about. Knew when she un-cocked the pistol and laid it down. The sheathing of her sword cut through the air. His breath and his blood seemed to roar in his head. She drew a gloved hand down his chest. He felt the soft supple leather on his skin.

"You are well formed. Worthy of being my lover."

"If it's a lover you want, then let me go. I'll fuck you 'til you scream for mercy."

Her gloved hand struck him across his cheek. An open slap. It stung enough to surprise but not to hurt. She gripped his face hard. Pressing his mouth open, distorting the curse that came to his lips.

"What sour words you woo me with, Richard. Perhaps I need to sweeten your tongue."

Taking a mouthful of wine, she kissed him, sliding her tongue in his mouth. A bead slipped out from between their lips. She chased it with her tongue as it slid downwards.

Sharpe swallowed the sweet wine, almost choking on the meager mouthful of liquid as she licked her way down his body. Felt her hot breath through the cloth of his pants. She must have removed her gloves for she was anointing him with the cool wine now. A touch of a finger or two, followed by the heat of her tongue as she licked it off.

He moaned when she rubbed a nipple, almost jumped out his skin when her hot mouth followed. First one, then the other. He could feel a bead of moisture trickling down. She must have missed a spot, he thought incoherently.

As if tired of her play, she moved back again. He made a sound of protest. Then her fingers rested on his shoulders, slid slowly down his chest, down to his waist, to his trousers. With a hard tug, she ripped the remaining buttons off.


"Yes, Richard?"

Her tone was sweet but he could hear the threat in her soft words.

"Umm nothing"

She traced the outline of his arousal through the thin cotton of his smalls. He moaned, shuddering from the pleasure. Then she was stripping them off. Her hands groping his arse. He felt the silken swath of her hair stroke over him. Oh God was that her breath on him?

Teresa stood back again. Examining her captive with a thoughtful eye. He was breathing hard. His body in salute to her. With her knife, she cut a leather lacing from her coat.

What was she doing now? He felt her hands busy on him, but she wasn't stroking him. He grinned suddenly.

"Tying me up with ribbons now, lass?"

She tightened the knot. He yelped. She struck him with her open palm.

"God! Teresa! Are you tryin' ter kill me?"

She struck him again.


He bit his lip on a groan and was rewarded with a long stroke and a rub over his head. His back arched involuntarily as a moan of pleasure was drawn from him.

"You see? If you are a good boy, you get rewarded."

She continued rubbing a thumb over his weeping head, slicking the moisture over him.

"God, Teresa yer killin' me."

He groaned, his body bucking into her hand. She struck him yet again.


"Be still."

He slumped now, his body shivering with pleasure. He felt so tight he thought he would burst. The tie around the base of his cock and balls seemed to be holding him in. Oh God was that what she had done? What that did? But she was stroking him again and he couldn't think.

His breath burst out from him when her lips closed over him.

"Teresa Teresa" he begged, "I I can't"

She blew gently, chilling him. Making shivers dance over every inch of his skin.

"Oh yes, you can."

Then her hot mouth closed over him again. Gently sucking, now licking, then leaving him to blow gently.

He was arching his back, begging incoherently between gasps and whimpers of pleasure. She began to move upward, replacing her mouth with her hands. Then she was kissing his mouth. He responded. His tongue copying the thrusts of his body.

"What is it, Richard?" she purred into his mouth.

"What do you want? More? Or less."

"More" he gasped. "Mother of God, Teresa please!"

She bent to his nipples. Took one into her mouth and drew strongly. He screamed. Almost. She did the same to the other and received a stronger response. Smiling, she blew on it too.

"You like this one better."

He moaned.

"Teresa." He begged.

She continued playing with it with her mouth while her hands stroked his hard length. Teresa smiled around her ministrations. Ah, her Richard was such a fine fellow. But she was growing impatient for her own pleasure. With a sharp tug, she released him.

Richard screamed as his body exploded, spending himself in his lover's hands as she continued stroking him, over and over again, milking every drop of pleasure out of him.


He felt her hands on the blindfold. She lifted it, smiled at him and blew him a kiss. Flicking it off, she threw it on the table. What was she planning now?

She stepped back and stripped off her coat. Then with a smile, began to unbutton her waistcoat.

He grinned. Whistled as the waistcoat came off. She turned her back, looking over her shoulder at him as she unbuttoned her shirt. Allowed the shirt to slip off her shoulders slowly.

Sharpe felt his body rising again. Damn, she was one hot woman.

He growled. "Yer' being a very naughty girl, Teresa."

"Am I?" She asked.

She sat on the table. Crossing her legs, she posed for him.

He had been working on his bonds. Tugging and releasing. Loosening the sash wrapped around his wrists. He loved her hair, he thought as she tossed it over her shoulders. Her hair, her long legs, her great titties.

She removed her boots. Tossing them aside, then standing, undid the buttons on her pants one by one, allowing the trousers to slide down her hips. Then she turned, giving him a view of her smooth back and worked the trousers down slowly. Pausing, she cast a look at him over her shoulder, then bent over to remove them.

He groaned.

Turning, she stood naked before him and lifted her hair for him, smiling to see his body saluting the beauty of hers.

"You like?"

"Very much so, lass. So when are you going to let me go?"

She laughed. Walking up to him, she pressed her naked body full length to his and pulled his head down for a kiss. It was long moments before she broke the kiss. She backed away, a smile on her face as she regarded his rising ardor.

"Want me?"

"What do yer think?"

She laughed and turned her back. Spreading her feet, she bent over and arched her back. Looking at him over a shoulder, she teased, "I think you need to want me more."

He continued working on his bonds, enjoying the show. Enjoyed the many facets of herself that she was showing him.

She leaned back on the table, then bracing her hands, lifted herself on. Their eyes caught. Hers sparkling with mischief, his intense. She licked her fingers and drew her hand slowly down her body. Raising her feet onto the table, she spread her thighs wide. His eyes followed her hand as it moved down her body, taking in the glistening curls between her thighs.

"Would you like some, querido?"

He nodded, unable to trust his tongue to make coherent speech. Began working on his bonds again. Tug. Release. Tug. Release. He had forgotten when she spread her thighs for him.

She slipped off the table. Walked over to him and leaned into him. Brought her wet fingers up to his mouth. Saw the flare of his nostrils as he breathed in her scent. Felt the leap of his heart under her. The jerk of his body against her belly. He slicked his tongue around her fingers unsteadily. Moaning as her taste filled his mouth. His senses.

She smiled and drew her fingers away. He bit gently then closing his lips around her fingers, sucked as she drew them out of his mouth. Her senses leaped.

"Naughty boy," she chided. "Did you like that?"

"Yer know I did." His voice was unsteady.

She rewarded him with a kiss.

"Untie me, Teresa?"


"I'll be more fun that way?"

"Mmm. What will you give me if I do?"

"Anything you want?"

"Hmm" she tapped her cheek thoughtfully, turning away from him.

Keep on thinking, darlin' he thought to himself. His bonds were looser now. Once he was free. He'd make her pay. He tugged harder.


She had teased him enough, she thought. But before she could turn around, she heard a growl then a warm hard body hit hers and bore her to the table. She slapped both hands on it. Moaned as she felt the heat of him seeking the wet warmth of hers. He bit her. She gasped in pained surprise.

"I have you, darlin' an' I'm going to fuck you 'til you scream."

She hissed, arching against him, rubbing her ass against his groin. Heard him groan, then felt his fingers dig into her hips as he held her still to slide himself in. Hard and deep.

Hardly had he made his mount then he began to thrust. Slamming hard into her ass. Sliding a hand between her legs to play with her clit, he rubbed her there in rhythm with his thrusts. Teresa cried out. Biting her lip, she tried to hold herself back. But her pleasure spiraled out of control and she took him with her into climax. The shuddering contractions of her body drawing his own pleasure out of him as he exploded in her

Teresa trembled from the aftermath of her climax. Richard was still atop her. His breath puffing on her neck, his chest heaving from the exertion.

"Bastardo!" She swore softly. "Get off me."


She shoved backwards and upwards. He released her, stepping back. Now what? She turned to him, her eyes flashing with anger. He stared back warily. With a feral smile, she pulled him to her suddenly, kissing him hungrily, passionately. With a groan, he responded. Suddenly, she swung him around and pinned him on the table.

"Bastard." She said again. Her sharp teeth pinned his lower lip. He could not respond. She released him. Licked him.

"What did I do?" he asked uncertainly.

She snorted.

"What didn't you do? I take such good care of you, I give you all the pleasure you can bear and in return, you mount me as a stallion does a mare. In. Out. Done."

"Hey now" he protested. "I made yer come, didn't I?"

She snorted again. Would have pushed away but he held her to him, sprawled atop him, his legs between hers.

"Aww now, Teresa."

He pulled her down for a tender kiss.

"It's yer fault, you know. You get me so hot. I can't think of anything else besides fucking you."

She refused to be mollified. He smiled. Cajolingly. Winningly.

"Let me make it up ter yer." He whispered. Holding her, pressing kisses along her averted face. Nibbling along the sensitive column of her neck.

She shivered. Tried to hold herself aloof. Did not succeed as his mouth found more tender territory. His tongue swirling around a puckered nipple. He sucked gently. Making her cry out in pleasure.

Richard wrapped one arm around Teresa's back to hold her to him. The other hand wandered. Stroked sensitive territory. Smoothed over the sensitive skin of her lower back. Over and over her rounded cheeks. The fingers wandered between the hemispheres of her bottom.

Teresa gasped and threw her head back in pleasure. He was suckling on her left breast now. Her more sensitive side. His fingers stroking between her cheeks. He pressed. She squealed.

"You like that." He sounded smug. Pleased.

"Where did you learn" She gasped again as he tugged her nipple gently with his teeth.

She was writhing atop of him and he felt his body rise again to her demands.

He groaned. "Yer like to kill me, Teresa."

She smiled. "Never, Richard. You always rise to the challenge."

He grinned. "I surely try."

He hitched them further up on the table so she straddled him. Held her pressed against him so her breasts were of level with his mouth as he played with her. Teasing. Tonguing. Suckling. Until she was writhing and begging incoherently.

Finally, when he could take no more himself, he gripped her hips with both hands.

"Ride me Teresa. Take all yer want o' me."

She rose. Smiled. Wrapped her hands around him, making him curse softly. Guided him in. Seated herself. Then leaned forward, bracing her hands on the table. Giving him reach enough to cup her breasts with his hands. She purred. Started to move. Rode him hard and long. Changing her rhythm as she pleased. Until he began to swear and beg.

"Teresa Teresa now please"

He was thrusting hard and she was near her climax, herself panting his name aloud.

"Richard Richard" and he finally broke, in a final hard thrust, tipping her over the peak even as his body jerked in orgasm.


Richard was loath to move but his arse hurt. The table was hard. Teresa was draped comfortably over him. He was sweaty, sticky and sated. He finally spoke.

"Darlin' I'm not really complaining, but next time we do this, can we find a room with a bed?"

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